Question: Who Is The Owner Of Adorama?

Is BH Photo Safe?

B&H Photo is the recipient of the Shopper Approved 5-Star Excellence Award.

With thousands of Shopper Approved ratings and reviews, B&H has consistently maintained a 5-star rating in all seven key categories, including Overall Satisfaction Rating, Product Satisfaction, Delivery Satisfaction, Customer Service and more..

Is B&H Photo an authorized Apple dealer?

B&H is an authorized Apple reseller, so they carry the company’s full array of Macs, iPads, Apple Watches and compatible accessories like AirPods.

How do I sell to B&H?

Other Ways to Sell Your Items to B&H:Fill out and submit our Online Quote Form.Email us a description of what you would like to sell.Call our Used Department at (800) 606-6969 Option 2 to receive a quote by phone.

Is adorama owned by B&H?

Are B&H and Adorama the same company? No. B & H and Adorama are two different companies. They are similar in various ways, and they were founded around the same time, but they are not the same company.

Which is better Adorama or B&H?

I’ve bought many times over the years from both, and without any issues. B&H tends to be more responsive though and a little more thorough. However, Adorama often has a more current selection of what I want and at basically at the same price.

How fast does adorama ship?

The average delivery time is 7-10 business days. Rural or remote delivery locations can sometimes take slightly longer.

Does B&H ship to India?

Some products cannot be shipped through the mail. We ship around the globe. Please check below to acquaint yourself with any exceptions and conditions that may apply to your location….Non-USA Customer Service.Argentina0800.333.0326Brazil0800.891.5877India000.800.100.3327Mexico001.866.806.9070U.K.0808.234.72762 more rows

How many B&H stores are there?

1B&H Photo Video – Electronics and Camera Store/Number of locations

What is adorama com? Adorama Camera, Inc is a camera, electronics, and film equipment retailer launched in 1974. Apart from their online shopping websites (Adorama, Sunny Sports, Leisure Pro,, PRINTIQUE) they have a large multi-floor Chelsea store, which is located at 42 West, 18th Street, New York City, New York.

Is adorama trustworthy?

B&H & Adorama are 2 of the best – I mean the BEST retailers in the US right now. Both are equally trustworthy. You shouldn’t have any problem with Adorama. I love Photography & Cinematography.

Who owns BH photo?

Herman SchreiberThe business owner, Herman Schreiber, and many of the store’s employees are observant Satmar Hasidic Jews.

Is adorama GREY market?

Because there is no factory-authorized middleman, there is no manufacturer’s warranty. However, “Grey Market” products purchased from Adorama are warrantied by Adorama Camera and are returned to Adorama Camera for any warranty repair.