What Does A GREY Import Mean?

Are GREY imports genuine?

They are legal and genuine, but imported and sold unofficially.

Goods such as these are known as “grey” products or parallel imports.

According to the International Trademark Association (INTA), these goods are genuine in that they have been manufactured by, or for or under licence from, the brand owner..

How do I know if my camera is GREY market?

Remember: the easiest way to recognize gray market is that the product does not include a Nikon Inc USA warranty. Look for, or ask for a Nikon Inc USA warranty whenever you buy a Nikon product. Before you invest your money, ask yourself, would you buy a product that doesn’t include a manufacturer’s warranty?

Do HDEW cameras sell GREY imports?

Grey Market Imports HDEW offer camera Brands such as Nikon and Cannon significantly cheaper by importing the products intended for foreign markets directly into the UK for sale which is known as a ‘Grey Market’ import. … Same materials, assembled by same people, same quality and same product.

What is the international version of a camera?

It is what used to be called “Gray Market” product. They are cameras imported into America at a lower cost from overseas than what Nikon is pricing USA-destined cameras at. The trade off comes becasuse you cannot get a warranty on the “International Version.”

What is a GREY good?

Gray market goods are defined as items manufactured abroad and imported into the US without the consent of the trademark holder. Gray market goods are not counterfeits; however, differences may exist between these goods and those goods produced for American sale.

Why is Panamoz so cheap?

It’s cheaper because you aren’t paying any import duty. You also don’t get any manufacturer’s warranty the warranty is with Panamoz who are pretty good to be fair but as with any small business they could easily go belly up over night leaving you with no warranty.

Is DigitalRev GREY market?

So I’m sure many of you know about Hong Kong based grey-market retailer DigitalRev and have heard some horror stories, but of course I never thought it would happen to me.

What does import model mean?

grey market modelImport generally means grey market model without a USA warranty. … It means the camera or lens did not come into the US via approved channels, but was probably shipped to another country where for some reason it failed to sell and then was sent via a non-approved distributor to the US.

What does GREY import camera mean?

A Grey Import is a product sourced from outside of the UK. … So, if there is a fault with the product it will most likely be rejected by the manufacturer for repair under warranty. Some manufacturers offer additional years of warranty in the UK, and a Grey Import would not qualify for this.

Is it safe to buy gray market cameras?

There is absolutely nothing wrong with buying a gray market product. It is not illegal and if it saves you a lot of your hard earned money and you are fully aware of all the risks and lack of warranty and service options, then by all means go for it.

Should I buy a GREY import camera?

It’s up to the individual whether they are happy or not to buy grey, it doesn’t really matter what others say/think as its a personally choice. The main reason they are cheaper is because the grey seller don’t pay import tax/VAT like a UK seller.

What is a GREY import phone?

A grey import tech product is one that is imported from another country without the permission of the intellectual property owner, in this case Samsung. … In addition, the Samsung Galaxy S II Android phone was available online from grey import stores before it officially launched in Australia.

Is DigiDirect GREY import?

DigiDirect do not sell grey-import products. But many other online retailers do.

Where is Panamoz based?

Hong KongHe experienced a problem , but apparently Panamoz sorted it out to his satisfaction , didn’t have to pay customs duties etc . I’m pretty certain that this firm is based in Hong Kong , but I’m not completely sure , so…..

What does GREY product mean?

Parallel imports (also called grey or direct imports) are products that you buy from a seller who does not have specific permission from the manufacturer to sell those products in the Australian marketplace.

What does gray market vehicle mean?

A vehicle that is manufactured outside of the United States and is not originally built to meet U.S. safety and emissions standards is called a Grey Market vehicle. The vehicle may need to be modified after it is imported.

What is a GREY camera?

A “gray market” camera is one that is advertised for a price significantly less than is charged by the original manufacturer or their authorized dealer.

Is Amazon a GREY market?

Amazon isn’t a grey market.