What Does Pending Delete Mean?

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What does domain status clientHold mean?

If your domain status is ‘clientHold’ or ‘serverHold’ on Whois, your domain registrar has not yet activated your domain’s DNS records. This can be due to several reasons, such as payment failure. To resolve this issue, you must contact your domain registrar.

How long does it take to delete a domain?

The Process: The exact drop time varies by registry – from 30 to 60 days. It can take up to 75 days for the domain to actually drop. Contact the registrar to find out what their hold time is. The domain will stay in pendingDelete for about 5 days.

What happens when a domain is deleted?

When a domain expires it becomes inactive immediately and all the services attached to it cease to function. You can’t make any updates to the domain while it is expired. The domain will remain available for reactivation at your regular domain rate under your list of Expired Domains.

What does OK in the status window imply?

ok. active. This is the standard status for a domain, meaning it has no pending operations or prohibitions.

Can a domain in the restoration period be deleted?

A Restoration action, once completed, can not be reversed. The only option would be deleting the domain name, in case the domain name is no longer required. Restoration of a domain name only after deletion by the system post Expiry of the Renewal Grace Period includes 1 year Renewal.

What happens if I delete my domain godaddy?

We understand there may be situations where you no longer wish to have a domain name registered to you. If you decide to cancel (delete) a domain from your account, you can do so at any time. When you cancel a domain name, it is immediately deleted from your account. You may wish to turn off auto renew instead.

What does domain status mean?

Extensible Provisioning Protocol (EPP) domain status codes, also called domain name status codes, indicate the status of a domain name registration. Every domain has at least one status code, but they can also have more than one.

What does pending delete mean for domain name?

A domain name is placed in PENDING DELETE status if it has not been restored during the Redemption Grace Period. … A domain name is purged from the registry database a specified number of calendar days after it is placed in PENDING DELETE status. The current length of this Pending Delete Period is five calendar days.

Can I cancel a domain name?

Once a domain name has been registered we can’t cancel it unless it’s within the first 5 days. Any products using the domain name such as web hosting or premium email can be cancelled as normal.

How long does it take GoDaddy to release a domain?

@rfancn Domain transfer typically take 7 days to complete however, once you have approved the transfer at your gaining registrar you should be able to manually accept the transfer out and release the domain to your gaining registrar.

What happens if a domain name is not renewed?

Buying a domain name does not entitle a person to that domain forever. People register domain names and must renew their registration, similar to how you would lease an apartment or a car. If a domain does not get renewed, then it will go back into the wild where it then has a chance to be snatched up by someone else.