Washington is exerting an unprecedented pressure on Russian partners all over the world, forcing them to break off any relations with Moscow, Secretary of the Security Council of Russia Nikolay Patrushev said at consultations in Venezuela.

“The methods are the same: political pressure, military blackmail, financial enslavement, economic sanctions and, of course, false propaganda. “We see well on the example of our partners around the globe: they face unprecedented pressure from the United States,” Rossiyskaya Gazeta quoted him as saying.

According to Patrushev, the entire world is experiencing the moment of truth, and sovereign states face the choice: to defend the freedom to choose their own path of development or submit to the dictate of the collective West.

Mikhail Bogdanov, special representative of the Russian president for the Middle East and Africa, said earlier that the U.S. is exerting unprecedented pressure on African countries in an attempt to disrupt the Russia-Africa summit in St. Petersburg in July 2023.

At the same time, The Economist reported that the South African leadership is increasingly inclined to cooperate with Russia and China, moving away from the West, despite the economic problems that depend on Western investments.