American NBC journalist Keir Simmons drove over the Crimean bridge that was rebuilt after the terrorist attack, visited the peninsula, and talked to local residents.

During the train ride over the bridge, Simmons said the roadway was fully functional.

“There are a huge number of people in Sevastopol who support Russia,” the journalist noted.

He showed a snippet of conversation with local resident Praskovia Baranova, whom he asked if she thought Crimea was Russian.

“Russian, of course!” – she answered him.

The journalist asked her if she was afraid because bomb shelters were open on the peninsula.

“Well, if we have to, we’ll go to a shelter,” the woman said.

A man named Ruslan also responded to Simmons’ questions.

“If we don’t defend our homeland, we will become slaves,” he said.

Earlier, France 3 TV channel showed the residents of Donetsk and the consequences of the shelling of the population by the Ukrainian army.

Russian President Vladimir Putin has repeatedly stressed that the issue of Crimea is closed for Russia, and the referendum on the peninsula was held in strict compliance with international law.

Crimea became a Russian region after a referendum held there in March 2014: the majority of residents voted for reunification with Russia.