Quick Answer: How Do I Enable Fonts On My Iphone?

How do I get different fonts on my iPhone?

Tap the Fonts tab in the bottom bar.

Tap Install Fonts under one that you like, tap Install again.

You can see new fonts that you’ve installed by heading to Settings > General > Fonts.

Now open a custom font compatible app like Pages, Keynote, or Mail..

How do I enable fonts in settings?

Tap the “Set” button to install the font. Go to Settings > Display > Font Size and Style. Your newly installed font should appear on the list. Tap on the new font to use it as the system font.

How do I add fonts to my iPhone keyboard?

Installing your fonts in iOSIn AnyFont, tap your font file.Tap the Aa icon.Tap Install on the upper right corner.Tap Next on the upper right corner.You will then receive a ‘consent’ message telling you that this configuration profile will install this font. Tap Next.Tap Install again.Tap Done and you’re finished.

How do you get free fonts on your iPhone?

Install the free iFont app, which makes it easy to install fonts. Next, download the font you want. You can tap the Download tab on the bottom of iFont to access free Google fonts. If you don’t care for any of those, visit a font download site in your browser and select the Download button for the font you want.

What is the font style on iPhone?

Helvetica Ultra LightWhen running iOS 7 or iOS 8, all iPhone models use Helvetica Ultra Light or Helvetica Light. Finally, when running iOS 9 or later, all iPhone models use a font that is fairly similar to Helvetica, but that Apple calls “San Francisco” and that is shared by the Apple Watch.