Quick Answer: Which Silk Saree Is Most Expensive?

Which is the most famous silk?

mulberry silkAmong them mulberry silk is the most important and contributes as much as 90 per cent of world production, therefore, the term “silk” in general refers to the silk of the mulberry silkworm..

How do I know if my silk saree is good quality?

A genuine silk saree will have minor variations in the evenness of the texture which is quite noticeable. 10. One of the best test is the burn test where you need to burn few threads of the silk and it should get burnt with the smell of a burnt hair.

Which country leads the world in silk production?

ChinaChina is the world’s single biggest producer and chief supplier of silk to the world markets. India is the world’s second largest producer.

Can I wash silk sarees at home?

When it comes to washing your silk saree, your best bet is to use a high-quality liquid detergent, like Ariel Matic Liquid Detergent. Add a few detergent drops into the water and stir it well, then leave your item in the solution for three minutes.

What is the price of silk sarees?

Questions & Answers on Pure Silk SareesPatternMin PriceMax PriceEmbroideredRs 399/PieceRs 3500/PiecePlainRs 325/PieceRs 4000/PiecePrintedRs 299/PieceRs 7250/Piece1 more row

How can you tell if silk is pure?

This is perhaps the best and most definitive test to find genuine silk. You can take a few threads from the material and burn it with a flame. Genuine silk burns with smell of burnt hair. When you burn the edge of real silk fabric, the flame is invisible and it will stop burning as soon as the flame is removed.

Does Silk really wrinkle?

Silk, although delicate develops far less wrinkles than other fabrics. Even if does, the wrinkles are easy to remove. A hair dryer, steamer or an iron can come in handy to turn your clothing wrinkle-free. … Cover the silk with cotton sheet/fabric rather than directly ironing it.

How can you tell a real kanjivaram saree?

One of the most foolproof ways to tell the difference between an original and fake Kanchipuram silk saree is to pick a few loose threads from the saree, burn them, pick the remaining ash and smell it. You’ll be met with a smell similar to that of burnt leather or hair.

Which country is the largest producer of silk?

ChinaAccording to the International Sericulture Commission, China is the largest producer and supplier of silk in the world. While, India is the second largest producer of silk and silk products.

Which silk saree is best for wedding?

30+ Best Bridal Pattu Sarees We’ve Spotted on Real Brides!This gorgeous customised gold one worn by actress Bhavana. … This pink one with the peacock motifs and checked design. … This gorgeous plain red one with a gold border. … This lavender one with the contrasting blue blouse. … This yellow and pink one with the butis.More items…•

Which type of silk saree is best?

26 Types of Indian Silk Sarees from all StatesAssam Silk Sarees. Every woman has a dream to have one Silk Saree of Assam in their wardrobe because of its delicate and lightweight feature. … Art Silk Sarees. … Banarasi Silk Saree. … Baluchari Silk Sarees. … Bomkai Silk Sarees. … Bhagalpuri / Tussar Silk Saree. … Banglori Silk Sarees. … Chanderi Silk Saree.More items…•

Which city is famous for silk cloth?

In India, about 97% of the raw mulberry silk is produced in the five Indian states of Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh, Tamil Nadu, West Bengal and Gujarat. Mysore and North Bangalore, the upcoming site of a US$20 million “Silk City”, contribute to a majority of silk production.

Which color saree is best for marriage?

So, the Saree Colors that looks Great on Every Bride are:Graceful Green. Green is considered as a very auspicious color to wear on your wedding day in many religions. … Regal Gold. … Ravishing Red. … Elegant White. … Bright Yellow. … Vibrant Violet. … Precious Pink. … Outstanding Orange.More items…•

Which is the costliest silk in the world?

Mulberry silkMulberry silk is the finest and soft silk which is the most expensive silk fabric in the world! Even Cashmere silk and vucana silk are famous for their quality. Fur: This is the oldest fabric worn since ages. Fur clothes are considered as one of the most luxurious apparel fabrics in the world.

Which district is famous for silk sarees?

Kanchipuram silk sariThe Kanchipuram silk sari is a type of silk sari made in the Kanchipuram region in Tamil Nadu, India. These saris are worn as bridal & special occasion saris by most women in Tamil Nadu, Karnataka & Andhra Pradesh. It has been recognized as a Geographical indication by the Government of India in 2005–2006.